Goodyear Racing

Goodyear RaceGoodyear racing tires are designed and compounded solely for racing purposes and are not tested or labeled to meet FMVSS109/ECE36 safety standards. It is therefore not only dangerous but also illegal to use race tires on public streets or highways.

Mounting Instructions

For complete mounting information, contact your nearest Goodyear Racing Tire Distributor or see him at the track. NEVER attempt to install and inflate a tire of one diameter on a rim or wheel of a different diameter. All Goodyear Racing Tires are designed to be used on wheels or rims that are manufactured to Tire and Rim Association (T&RA) specifications and tolerances. Use of Goodyear Racing Tires on damaged or improper rims can cause the assembly to explode with force sufficient to cause serious injury or death.


NEVER attempt to chemically treat or alter the tire carcass and/or tread compound of any Goodyear Racing Tire; such as tire « soaking » or use of tread « softener ». This practice could result in premature or catastrophic tire failure resulting in serious injury or death.

Pressure Recommandations

Use sufficient pressure so the tire does not roll under or distort during cornering, then adjust to your personal handling preference. Consult your Goodyear Racing Tire Distributor for specific recommendations for your local tracks.

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