Why Goodyear goes racing?

While Goodyear goes racing for a number of reasons, two of the most obvious reasons are to advance tire technology and provide exposure for the company through marketing and advertising opportunities. Tire technology proven at the track is readily transferred to improving consumer tire performance. Marketing opportunities capitalize on continually increasing audience sizes, both at the track and watching the race on television, and link Goodyear tires to racing, high performance and technology.

Racing helps us develop new technology primarily in three areas of tire design: mold shapes, tire construction and tire materials. Much of that information applies directly to our high-performance Eagle street tires because the basic construction of a race tire is similar to a consumer auto tire. Subtle improvements we make in tire performance on the track transfer readily to high-performance auto tires.

Consumer tires aren’t the only products that benefit from our racing technology, however. Stock cars can exert 5,000 lbs. of weight on the right front tire through the 31-degree banks of Daytona International Speedway. These forces are similar to conditions that airplane and truck tires experience. This environment allows us to evaluate tire material durability and heat resistance and helps us learn about oils, carbon black and other components of commercial tires. All our tire lines and our customers benefit in one way or another from the technology we gain from racing.

Racing EaglesThe Goodyear name is highly visible to consumers at the racetrack. Goodyear Racing Eagles sport yellow letters and the Goodyear name is clearly visible on race cars, driver uniforms and at tracks worldwide. It’s almost impossible to watch a motorsports event and not see some form of Goodyear identification. As a recognized leader in racing, this invaluable exposure lends credibility and value to our Eagle line.

Today, motorsports is the fastest growing spectator sport in the United States. Goodyear will continue to be a leading race tire supplier to the industry and consumers will continue to benefit from the advanced technology that makes the leap from track to street.